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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  October 20, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. today we can definitively say that the qaddafi regenerally regime has come to
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an end and a dictator is no more. >> libya ousted leader qaddafi is dead. >> reporter: after more than 40 years in power, libya's new leader says qaddafi is dead. video an al-jazeera tv appears to show the capture of muammar qaddafi. then bloody laid out on the hood of a car. celebrations filled the streets of libya. fighters shot rounds in the air in the dictator's former home. sirte is the last pockets of resistance that qaddafi supporters held. fighters said the ousted leader had been barricaded in one of the buildings then tried to escape in a convoy. a spokesman says rebels pulled qaddafi from one of the vehicles. libya's new leaders in tripoli confirmed the news and hours later president obama called it a victory for the libyan people. >> you have won your revolution. and now we will be a partner as
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you forge a future that provides dignity, freedom and opportunity. >> reporter: qaddafi had been in hiding for two months since libya's revolution finally chased him from power. during that time, washington has offered its support and millions of dollars to help with the country's transition. security experts say this could provoke change throughout the region. >> here was a leader who ruled with an iron fist for 42 years who now is no longer on the scene. he was toppled by popular revolt. >> reporter: as sirte fell to the rebels, fighters went from one battle scarred house to the next looking for loyalists in hiding. transitional leaders call today the real liberation of libya. and the president spoke just a short time ago. he called this a momentous day in the history of libya. tara mergener, back to you. >> tara, question for you. qaddafi i would imagine still has pockets of support in libya
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even though he is dead. so where does the war go from here with the nato fighters and rebels? is it over? >> reporter: well, nato says the mission will soon be over. but today president obama said that the u.s. will continue to work with libya in the transition to another government to a new government. president obama also called on libya's friends to help secure the country's future by working with the international community but as you said, frank, there are still pockets of support though. the mission may get a lot easier. the feeling is if they don't have qaddafi. frank? >> it's going to take time. okay, tara mergener live at the nation's capital, thank you. well, closer to home, san leandro police have made an arrest in a triple murder earlier this month. it happened outside a tattoo party in a warehouse on october 2. a gunman opened fire in the parking lot killing three people including a 16-year-old
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girl. three others were hurt. police haven't named the suspects. they made the arrest early this morning in east oakland. a disgruntled richmond security guard allegedly opened fire on an east bay apartment building and critically wounded his supervisor. as anne makovec reports, the shooter then took off before authorities caught him this morning in the sierra foothills. >> keeping the residents safe and then you come in here an y'all have a shootout with each other? that's ridiculous. >> reporter: dozens of shots were fired last night and the suspect on the loose for almost 8 hours after a shootout between three security guards at this public housing complex in richmond. >> there are a lot of shots that were fired here last night. >> reporter: 50-year-old doran long worked as a security guard at the crescent park apartments. police say he came to work last night and got into an argument with his supervisor then went home to concord and loaded up his guns. >> the suspect, we know, was armed with at least one
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shotgun, at least one rifle, and at least one handgun but possibly more weapons. >> reporter: the first shots of this rampage were fired here at this home in concord. it is near where long lives. and neighbors tell me they had a long running dispute. >> something about the gutters and the grass and the music, you know, he had attitude about that and the children down there. >> reporter: after firing dozens of shots here, narrowly missing a 9-year-old child, police say long return to the apartment complex to con front his supervisor. first he tried to shoot the door open then started firing in the window hitting the supervisor several times but he shot back according to police as did another security guard on patrol who was alerted by all the gunfire. all told, more than 50 rounds were fired. >> what if there were children outside? it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. it's not -- it's not cool at all. >> reporter: long then escaped and was missing from 10:30 p.m. until almost 6 a.m. he was picked up in el dorado
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county near lake tahoe after an officer saw his vehicle. >> i'm surprised it came to such a peaceful ending and i'm glad it came to a peaceful ending. >> reporter: now two east bay cities will prosecute their cases as neighbors wonder who is patrolling their complex. >> the guy that shot him, he did look like he was on medication. he looked spaced to me. >> reporter: they are debating whether or not security guards should carry guns. in richmond, anne makovec, cbs 5. all lanes of interstate 80 in vacaville are back open after a messy big rig accident. it happened this morning. the chp says a truck carrying 5,000 live chickens jackknifed around 2 a.m. near the lagoon valley road exit on highway 80. the accident forcing an suv into the roadside ditch. but there were no serious injuries. westbound lanes were completely shut down for almost 2 1/2 hours while the debris was removed including some of the
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surviving chickens. >> you literally have to try and capture each chicken? >> we are going to try. >> what is that like? >> i have never done one before so i have never tried to catch a chicken before. this is going to be a first. >> quite the rescue effort. all lanes were reopened to traffic around 7:45 this morning. and this morning, registered nurses joined "occupy sf" to set up a first aid station there. san francisco is the third city have national nurses united provide basic medical care to the protestors. "occupy sf"'s first aid station is located at the justin herman plaza. new members are scheduled to join occupy d.c. today and detroit on saturday. police say they have received medical assistance call from protestors at the location near lake merritt. they are checking the park's facility and the dozen tents that have sprung up in the area this week. the officers then left. coming up, the news that set panic all through ohio.
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>> 911, what is your emergency? >> there's a lion on mount perry ridge. >> all the exotic animals are accounted for and now we're learning just how serious that threat was. protestors rampage outside parliament in greece. the vote that sparked that outrage. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. skies are slow to clear around the bay area today. but we have a promise of much warmer weather on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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killed one person, greece's parliament has just pa despite violent protests in
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athens that killed one, greece's parliament passed a new law. legislation will limit the collective bargaining rice the rights of labor unions. -- rights of labor unions. 74 protestors injured during the demonstrations. all part of a two-day strike in greece. on the big board today, so far, so good. we are up 45 with about another hour of trading on the dow. today animal rights advocates agreed that sheriff's had no choice but to kill dozens of animals. we are looking at some of the survives. their owner set them free tuesday night from his farm before taking his own life. 911 tapes tell us just how serious the threat was. 56 animals free. sheriff's deputies shot 48 f them. it' >> well, in all, 56 animals were set free. sheriff's deputies had to shoot 48 of them.
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it's not yet clear why their owner set them free. a new san francisco law requiring the disclosure of cell phone radiation levels will be put on hold for now. the city attorney agreed to delay the legislation enactment originally set for next tuesday. the cell phone industry says the city's information on radiation is inaccurate. u.s. district judge will now rule on an injunction filed by cell phone retailers in the come weeks. problems with pg&e's natural gas pipeline could have roots that go back seven decades. state regulators say there's now new evidence that the utility installed salvaged or junk transmission pipe back in the '40s and the '50s. the findings are raising big concerns about more undetected problems like the one that caused that deadly explosion and fire in san bruno a year ago. and the public utilities commission is meeting today in san francisco to discuss how much pg&e should be allowed to charge its customers to modernize its natural gas
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system. it's expected to cost more than $3 billion. the utility's plan would have ratepayers covering 90% of the tab. it's got some unbelievable new features. but does the new iphone come complete with a new security flaw? we are going to fill you in. i could see a lot better. not have to wear glasses anymore. >> glasses can be an extra bother for people with developmental disabilities. the bay area woman who is doctor who is giving them the gift of sight for free. >> sunshine in parts of the bay area but we have a lot sun in others and more on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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,,,, [ male announcer ] thanks to state farm's steer clear program, i got outside for a couple of minutes. i didn't like what i saw. >> welcome to the weather center, frank. >> i know. what a nice place. >> good to see you here. a little gray out there now but i think all of a sudden the clouds are just going to part and we are going to see beautiful over the bay but you couldn't tell by that , huh. >> we're done at 12:30. >> better cleared out. in a few more minutes we'll see more sunshine and the temperatures are going to start to warm up nicely outside but yeah, a lot of gray at the coast. and not a lot of clearing out at the beaches today. but as we head throughout the afternoon, we are going to see some clear skies, cooler temperatures at the coastline. mild temperatures inside the bay and the valleys. low clouds likely to return tonight but not going to be as
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thick and the weekend is looking fantastic. we are going to see offshore winds and high pressure. much warmer weather is on the way. still a pretty strong push of low clouds on the way today. it will pop soon and we'll see more sunshine and high pressure is building in but just a weak ridge -- we have had these lows dropping over the top of this ridge to reamplify the low cloud and fog keeping it around. but that's going to change into the weekend. the computer models picking up on this nicely into the afternoon. most of the clouds pull back toward the coast where they are going to sit there. overnight not a big fog bank along the coast. very patchy and then as we head through the day tomorrow, by noon, it's showing most areas clear here in the bay area and that trend will continue throughout the weekend. how about some temperatures around the bay area today? 72 sunny in san jose. 72 palo alto. 67 in hayward. a cool 61 in pacifica. east bay temperatures running up into the 70s in toward
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brentwood. about 74 liz, 57 fairfield, 74 livermore. 72 degrees in vallejo. 75 in fairfield. 60s by the afternoon, still cool at the coast. and that's because we have the low clouds and fog this. but it looks like think the weather will improve over the next couple of days as high pressure is going to be building in and the get this... as we look over the next couple, high pressure builds in and we're talking about warm temperatures. how about some 80s on the weekend! that's good weather. >> that's fantastic! >> couldn't say it any better. >> thank you. today marks two decades since one of the worst fires in the bay area. it was october 20th, 1991, the oakland hills firestorm ignited killing dozens of people and leveling thousands of homes. as stephanie chuang reports, for victims of the fire the devastation is still fresh in their minds. whole life 900> >> i don't know.
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it's just one of the worst days of my whole life. >> reporter: 20 years feels like next to nothing for this person whose house burned down in the firestorm of 1991 in oakland. she wiped away tears remembering that day. >> we saw our house in flames. and there was flames shooting out of the windows and everything. i know it's been 20 years, but it's so -- it's home. i lost everything and the kitty cat, too. >> reporter: she was one of about three dozen who showed up this morning for a memorial to pay tribute to the 25 people who died in that fire. oakland mayor jean quan spoke before the crowd saying the city has not and will not forget these neighborhoods nor the victims. aat this road, someone left flowers and a note addressed to a 32-year-old oakland police officer who died trying to evacuate people from a burning home. he was lying on top of the body of a child who he was trying to save. an oakland battalion fire chief
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also died trying rescue a woman. the two deaths hit mark hoffman personally. >> he obviously was the battalion chief i knew and respected and she was the sister of a guy i played rugby with at berkeley who was a close friend. >> reporter: two decades later there are still traces left behind by the firestorm. burnt tree stumps and this eerie image of a stairway that once led up to a house now leads to nowhere. the fire chief says he is worried about it being prime time for the area to burn again. >> if you go to the california room at the oakland library, you can look at that pictures of that place burnt off every 20 or 30 years as far as back as we have been recording history in the area. i'm worried we're going to do it again at some points. >> reporter: in oakland, stephanie chuang, cbs 5. your new iphone 4s may have a security flaw. our friends over at cnet say even if the phone is lock, it's possible to activate the voice command service to access your personal data. you can make it more secure by
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going into your settings and turning the voice activation off when the phone is locked. glasses can be a nuisance especially for the developmentally disabled. sharon chin on how this week's jefferson award winner is giving them the gift of sight for free. >> just try your best to relax your eyelids. >> reporter: with eye surgery, wilhelmina foronda can set her sights on playing sports without glasses that fog up or fall down. >> i can take it off. >> reporter: wilhelmina says she cannot afford laser surgery. ophthalmologist michael furlong is doing it for free. >> it's been really exciting for my staff. we get energize year this time of the year so that we can provide these services. >> reporter: he started the gift of sight program in 2002. each year he gives about 10 people in need free lasik or prk, two elective laser surgeries that insurance doesn't cover. dr. furlong also provides pre- and post-op care.
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he helped clients at several nonprofits but had a clear vision for helping the developmentally disabled. >> they see better with their glasses but many of them choose not to wear them or they don't fit appropriately or they're just heavy andthey lose them all the time. this is a way to provide them with excellent vision. >> reporter: dr. furlong has inconvenient. focused on hope service the past six years, a nonprofit that helps developmentally disabled clients acquire life skills and jobs. he has also performed the free surgery for hope staff members like wilhelmina. >> he is awesome, a great heart helping people. >> reporter: in all dr. furlong has provided free surgeries for 65 patients, that's $450,000 worth of surgeries and more than 400 donated hours. hope services client robert faber says he can now clean more donated bicycles to sell. dr. furlong corrected his eyesight three years ago. >> i was so happy about it that i could see a lot better and not have to wear glasses anymore.
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>> reporter: hope services president and ceo john christiansen says he has seen many clients develop self- confidence after the free eye procedure. >> to be glasses-free, it's such a gift. it is truly is a gift of sight. >> what can you see? >> everybody. >> you can see everybody, right? >> everybody. >> good. >> reporter: and the as dr. furlong expands his paying practice, he hopes to extend the gift of sight program throughout the bay area. >> you can lean back. congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: so for giving free laser eye surgeries to those who can't afford them this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to dr. michael furlong. sharon chin, cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that's joey difrancesco. he left his hotel waiter job by inviting the marching band that he is a member there providing the sound track. the video of his departure is a youtube sensation. his resignation was inspired by the movie, the thing you do. >> that's the way to go out. >> i'm going to keep my job. i don't know about you. >> what's he going to do? he's only like 25. >> he is only a waiter so he can only go up from there. >> that's it for us. should be a nice week ahead. enjoy. >> caption colorado, llc ,,
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